Why NFT Marketplaces Should Try VOLT Payments?

6 min readJan 23, 2023

Accept Volt Inu payments for free

Today, non-fungible tokens have secured a permanent place in the crypto industry and they simply refuse to go out of fashion, which is evidenced by hundreds of thousands of NFT-related transactions taking place every day. Another sign of NFTs turning into a sought-after asset class is the emergence of a wide variety of NFT marketplaces that target different types of collectors and traders. Yet, NFT marketplaces face tough competition and need to look for a competitive edge. The easiest way for them to do it is to expand their payment options to include multiple cryptocurrencies. VOLT can be a great choice for NFT marketplaces, as this token has an NFT-oriented community that loves to support new use cases for VOLT. NOWPayments provides NFT marketplaces with the capability to accept the VOLT Inu token as a payment method.

Key points:

  • Volt Inu is a meme token that features deflationary mechanics.
  • NFT marketplaces can attract the VOLT community to their services by accepting VOLT payments.
  • NOWPayments makes it easy for NFT marketplaces to get paid in VOLT.

What Is Volt Inu Crypto?

About Volt Inu

The VOLT Inu Token is a hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency, providing utility by allocating investments across several asset classes, such as nodes, and NFTs, and distributing the profits to users. VOLT’s strategy of diversifying investments assists the project in reducing potential risks while capitalizing on the growth opportunities offered by its portfolio. The revenue produced by VOLT is also allocated to the burning of $VOLT tokens to activate the deflationary mechanism. The token is deployed on both Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain.

Here are the main advantages of VOLT Inu:

Volt Community

As mentioned above, by accepting VOLT, you offer thousands of VOLT holders the ability to purchase your products and services. As the VOLT Inu crypto community is incredibly active, its members always appreciate and support the expansion of use cases for their favorite coin.

Hence, this is a great way for VOLT crypto users to utilize their tokens.

Opportunities for integration with VOLT products

NFT marketplaces also have a chance of striking a partnership with VOLT by featuring the project’s token. The VOLT ecosystem of products is quite diverse and expansive, as it features NFTs and even a game.

NFT marketplaces may reach out to VOLT to explore possible opportunities for integrating their services with VOLT’s products, with the added benefit of gaining access to the VOLT community and additional promotion.

Extra convenience

VOLT payments may actually be more convenient not only for the VOLT token holders but also for the users of Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain in general.

As was already noted, the VOLT coin exists on both of the aforementioned networks. Therefore, NFT marketplaces can deploy the two versions of VOLT to make it easier for people who do not wish to switch networks to pay for their NFTs.

Accept Volt Inu payments for free

Volt Inu and NFT Marketplaces

Volted Dragons Sailors Club NFTs

The Volted Dragons Sailors Club is the first NFT collection of Volt Inu. The collection instantly sold out after its launch and had a huge success in the crypto community. It consists of 10k NFTs that contain images of Dragons. The coolest thing about the Volted Dragons Sailors Club is that all of its NFTs are 3D. All holders of the NFTs get a variety of perks, including access to exclusive events and meetups, as well as rights and revenues within the VOLT ecosystem.

VOLT’s MetaRivals Partnership

MetaRivals is an arcade-style move-to-earn metaverse game that enables players to battle using warriors based on crypto-inspired avatars. Volt Inu users can now own VOLT INU-inspired 3D NFTs in the MetaRivals and use them to play the game, participating in battles against other crypto-inspired characters like SHIBA, KISHU, and LUNC.


NOWPayments is a VOLT payment gateway, providing businesses and individuals with the tools for accepting VOLT as payment. NFT marketplaces can particularly benefit from the Recurring Custodial Payments feature, which can give them the capability to create individual billing accounts for their users. These accounts can be then topped up by users with VOLT. Users can spend their balances on purchasing NFTs. By utilizing NOWPayments’ API, NFT marketplaces can set up these billing accounts quickly and conveniently. NFT marketplaces also can make use of the Mass Payouts features, enabling them to conduct automatic payouts to the wallets of users or NFT collection owners on request.

Why NOWPayments

Only 0.5% service fee

NOWPayments provides its clients with a low fee of 0.5% per transaction, with no deployment costs, allowing for the setup of VOLT payments to be completely free of charge.

Instant payments without borders

NOWPayments guarantees instant transaction processing with no delays. Thanks to the worldwide accessibility of cryptocurrencies, NOWPayments enables customers to receive payments from any location on the planet.

Free automatic and anonymous payouts

The payouts are conducted automatically and free of charge, allowing you to easily get your funds or transfer funds with minimal effort. Furthermore, all transactions processed by NOWPayments remain anonymous, as the service does not ask you to undergo KYC.

All crypto wallets are supported

NOWPayments supports all crypto wallets, providing users with maximum convenience. Regardless of whether it is custodial or non-custodial, you can accept crypto payments with any wallet type.

Fiat onramp and offramp available

NOWPayments enables crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto conversion, thus allowing you to receive payments in cryptocurrency while getting the final payment amount in fiat, and vice versa.

24/7 support and personal account manager

NOWPayments provides round-the-clock customer service and a dedicated account manager.

Accept Volt Inu payments for free

How to Begin Accepting Volt?

Here is how NFT Marketplaces can implement the Recurring Custodial Payments feature:

  1. Register an account on NOWPayments.
  2. Add your VOLT wallet address and generate an API key.
  3. Go to the “Custody” section and follow the steps provided there.
  4. Integrate the Recurring Custodial Payment API by following this guide.
  5. Create deposit accounts for your users via the Billing API.
  6. Set up a recurring payments plan.
  7. Allow your customers to top up their deposit accounts.
  8. Charge your users automatically based on their activity on your platform.


The VOLT token can serve as an excellent payment solution for NFT marketplaces. NOWPayments provides the Recurring Custodial Payments feature that can help NFT marketplaces to deploy VOLT payments without any hassle.

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Accept Volt Inu payments for free




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