Who Is Accepting Ethereum Payments?

13 min readMar 3, 2023

Accept Ethereum payments

Ethereum is considered one of the most successful altcoins so far. When it comes to payments, the time taken to confirm an Ethereum payment is far less than a Bitcoin payment. A Bitcoin payment approval takes 10 minutes on average, whereas it takes much less to pay with Ethereum. Despite being more convenient, one severe issue that Ethereum faces to date is finding enough places that accept Ethereum payments. Earning more brand recognition and solving some of the scalability issues would definitely make Ethereum more popular as a crypto payment option in the days to come.

However, since 2017, Ethereum has been speeding up on gaining traction in the market as a medium of crypto payments. The list of stores that accept Ethereum is increasing with each passing day. A lot of Ethereum payment gateways have also come into the scene of late. Here, in this article, we will provide a holistic overview of how to use Ethereum by pointing out the Ethereum payment channels and listing out some of the sellers that accept Ethereum payments. We will also discuss vital functional details pertaining to how to accept Ethereum on this website.

This text was originally published on November 14, 2020.

Who Accepts Ethereum as Payment Today?

There are several other stores and retailers that have provisions for an Ethereum payment. The above list only shows some of the better-known brands.

1. Digitec Galaxus

Digitec Galaxus is one of the largest Swiss online retailers. Digitec consistently achieves the market leader status in Switzerland in the segment of IT, telecommunication, and consumer electronics.

Even though the retailer is located in Switzerland, a country which is known for both its excellent watches and exorbitant prices, it manages to offer affordable prices for the consumer. The company sells all the latest computer parts and equipment. Digitec accepts Ethereum payments as well as a plethora of other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. So, at Digitec, you can spend your Ethereum on a new NVIDIA graphics card and use it to earn more Ethereum.

2. Direct Voltage

Have you dreamt of buying a CO2 or fiber laser with a virtual currency? That sounds like a scene from a sci-fi movie set in a remote future, but at Direct Voltage, you can experience it already today.

Direct Voltage is an online store that sells state-of-the-art equipment such as 3D printers, robotic kits, and, of course, lasers. You can also get yourself a development board, grow lights, solar panels, and electric bikes all in one place. Direct Voltages accepts Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies, including Monero, which makes the whole shopping experience even more pleasant. The shop has excellent reviews and even provides a 90 days money back guarantee.

3. Zorket

If you are following the latest fashion trends and want to shop around for stylish apparel, Zorket is your choice. Zorket is an international marketplace that offers retail fashion products such as clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories.

Like all other merchants on this list, Zorket accepts Ethereum, which makes it one of very few fashion brands that enable crypto payments for clients. One of the coolest features of Zorket is that its season collections are available all year round. Thus, you will be able to buy winter clothes in Summer or get trendy Spring apparel in Autumn. Zorket also often holds sales, so do not forget to check its website from time to time.

4. CheapAir.com

CheapAir.com is a flight ticket aggregator that had already accepted more than US$5 million worth of Bitcoins before it started accepting Ethereum.

CheapAir has a great track record of serving the crypto community and allowing crypto investors and enthusiasts to travel around the world without spending a cent in fiat. With CheapAir you can create a multi-city journey, and it will provide you with all possible ticket options. You can also use the service to book hotels and even rent cars in your destination locations. CheapAir credits the difference to its customers when fares fall after they buy tickets. The company’s clients can always contact travel advisors to ask all of their questions about their trips.

5. Time Magazine

Time Magazine is an iconic publication which has been around for almost a century and has built an impressive legacy. Nevertheless, the magazine’s heritage does not stop it from embracing new trends and technology. That is why recently, it started accepting Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies as payment.

In partnership with the Crytpo.com exchange, Time began selling its subscription to crypto owners. Today, you can choose to pay for an 18-month subscription with Bitcoin, Ethereum, NANO, and a host of other virtual currencies. Unfortunately, currently, there is no way to pay for Time Magazine’s iconic covers, which it sell as wall art but only for fiat. But hopefully, Time will add this feature in the future.

6. GamerAll

GamerAll is a marketplace that sells characters, weapons, and skins for most of the popular games, such as DOTA 2 and Rust in exchange for crypto. If you are a die-hard fan of the aforementioned titles or other games, including CS:GO and Team Fortress 2, GamerAll is your cornucopia.

The choice of crypto options is also impressive. Apart from Ethereum, you can pay with Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, and even Ethereum Classic, which is great news for people who have been holding Ethereum prior to its hard fork. GamerAll does not inflate prices and offers good bargains which you can get at any moment.

7. Newegg

Newegg is one of the most prominent online computer hardware stores in the United States and Canada. It sells a massive variety of PC parts, from SSDs to the newest GPUs. Newegg is also an excellent destination for crypto miners who need to upgrade their mining equipment.

Yet, on Newegg’s website, you can also find auto parts, sports gear, drones, and even flowers. Essentially, whenever you want to order something on the Internet, Newegg is a great place to start your search. Especially given the fact that Newegg accepts all kinds of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin.

8. Pet Pro Supply Co.

A well-known pet supplies retailer, Pet Pro Supply Co., also accepts Ethereum payments as well as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dai. The company’s official website is full of great deals. For instance, it has more than one thousand pet food types alone.

From standard grain-free recipes to premium ferret food. You can browse a large assortment of products on the website and choose the ones you need. Perhaps, your dog wishes to have its own bed? Or your cat wants a personal bathing system installed in the bathroom? No matter what wish your favorite pet has, Pet Pro Supply Co. has got you covered.

9. PizzaForCoins

PizzaForCoins is a website that has a large database of pizza shops located in the United States. On the website, you can find a pizza shop located right next to your house or simply in your vicinity. Moreover, the pizza store itself does not need to accept crypto.

In fact, you can order pizza from any of the large chain restaurants such as Domino’s and still pay for your order with Ethereum. Essentially, you simply need to type in your address on PizzaForCoins, pick the right location, and place your meals in the cart. After you pay with crypto, PizzaForCoins relays your order to the shop, and then your pizza gets delivered to your door.

10. Snel.com

The widely popular VPS hosting service Snel.com accepts Ethereum payments and a plethora of other cryptocurrencies. VPS hosting is not the only specialty of Snel.

This Dutch company also provides domain services, so you can pick the right name for your future website at Snel. Dedicated servers provided by Snel boast 100% network uptime availability with a 1 Gbps Uplink connection. Snel’s servers also utilize SSDs for better performance. The payment process at Snel.com is extremely convenient. The company has its own Snelwallet, so you can keep your funds in it and pay without using your cryptocurrency wallet each time you want to renew your hosting subscription.

11. Pot Head Coffee

Pot Head Coffee is a great online store that sells both fresh coffee and, as you guessed it, CBD products. The company features coffee from different regions on the planet, including Brazil, Tanzania, and Costa Rica.

Pot Head Coffee is based in the UK, but it also ships products to European countries such as Germany and Portugal. Even though the company’s selection is not large, it definitely contains some unique items like CBD-infused coffee or CBD coffee drops. You can also get yourself a CBD chocolate bar. At Pot Head Coffee, you can shop with Ethereum or Bitcoin and get a nice discount.

12. Beliani

Beliani is a popular interior design store that deals with home improvement and offers goods such as furniture, electronics, home accessories, and materials for décor.

Beliani accepts Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies as payment. Beliani has several branches in Europe, so If you live in European countries or the UK, it is an excellent store where you can buy furniture with Ethereum. For instance, UK clients, by paying in crypto, can get a £100 discount. Beliani also has a page with designs which can inspire their clients to change décor in their own houses. Beliani guarantees free shipping and does not charge its clients extra money for returns.

13. Tapjets

Tapjets is one of the biggest private jet booking platforms worldwide. Tapjets lets its clients instantly charter a private jet at the lowest price possible and go straight to their desired location. It is a great choice for crypto investors who have made their millions and now want to travel the world in comfort.

At Tapjets, when booking private charter flights, you earn special rewards, which you can then redeem to get free flights. Tapjets features multiple cryptocurrency payment options, and Ethereum is certainly on the list. So, if you ever find yourself desperately wanting to get to the other side of the planet in a couple of hours, Tapjets is who you need to call.

14. FlokiNET

FlokiNET is a popular Scandinavian web-hosting platform. It provides shared hosting solutions with an unlimited amount of domains and email accounts. The service also offers virtual private servers that allow clients to choose their custom configuration.

FlokiNET’s solutions are secure, and its clients do not have to worry about their data being exposed. Moreover, the company does not require its clients to share any of their personal information. You can also choose your hosting plan and then increase the number of your servers as your hosting needs grow. FlokiNET accepts Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. So you can utilize FlokiNET’s services completely anonymously using cryptocurrencies.

15. Peddler.com

Peddler.com is a popular eCommerce marketplace in Amsterdam. With the help of Peddler.com, you can order any product from local shops and have it delivered the same day. Peddler’s couriers use bicycles to deliver goods to clients. This way, they can reach customers’ locations faster.

The marketplace features products from hundreds of retailers in Amsterdam, so you are guaranteed to find everything you want. From groceries to high-end fashion items, the service’s selection of goods is absolutely impressive. In 2018, Peddler.com began accepting crypto payments, and Ethereum was among the assets it offered. Unfortunately, the service operates only in Amsterdam.

16. eGifter

Gift cards are the dear friends of every crypto enthusiast who actually uses their cryptocurrency instead of holding it. eGifter sells a plethora of gift cards that you can buy with Ethereum and other digital assets. If you like to drink coffee, you can order a Starbucks gift card.

If you are into playing video games, you can get yourself a Steam card. eGifter’s selection is huge, and the service always makes sure to add new products to it. By buying cards at eGifter, you can earn special points, which you can use to buy more gift cards in the future.

17. Amagi Metals

Amagi Metals is a place where one can buy gold and silver with Ethereum. It is an international eCommerce precious metals dealer.

At Amagi Metals, you can stock up on various foreign coins made of precious metals. There are also rare ones in the company’s collection, which you can still buy with enough crypto. You can even buy gold bars which go for incredible sums of money but are made of .999 fine gold. Yet, if gold is out of reach for you, you can consider investing in some silver. Amagi Metals is a great spot for starting your precious metal portfolio.

18. BitGild

BitGild is another retailer focused on selling precious metals that accepts Ethereum. BitGild has built a solid reputation as a trustworthy dealer. It has already sold products to more than ten thousand customers. BitGild has international shipping, so you can order your gold bars from any part of the world.

Moreover, BitGild’s shipments are insured, so if a package gets lost, the customer will not lose their money. BitGild’s collection is not large, but it is still excellent. For instance, you can purchase a 100g Valcambi gold bar or a 1oz Krugerrand silver coin. BitGild’s coins are all new since it updates its assortment regularly.

19. Philipp Plein

If you are a fan of apparel that screams high fashion, then Philipp Plein should certainly be the brand of your choice. Moreover, taking into consideration the fact that the company recently began accepting cryptocurrencies, it is now on the path to becoming the favorite brand of all rich crypto investors.

In Philipp Plein clothes, you are guaranteed to make a statement. The company is known for its pieces of clothing featuring skulls and bones, as well as provocative prints. You can purchase a complete outfit from Philipp Plein’s collection with Ethereum and become the most fashionable crypto owner in the world.

20. airBaltic

Travel with Ethereum has never been more affordable. airBaltic is a low-cost carrier which operates numerous routes in Europe and other regions, including Scandinavia, CIS, and the Middle East. In fact, one can choose from more than 300 destinations on the airline’s official website.

The company often holds massive sales offering tickets for as little as 18 dollars. Despite the low prices, passengers’ safety is guaranteed. You can even travel in absolute comfort if you purchase Business tickets, yet in that case, you can expect the fare to be slightly above average. airBaltic flights depart from three main Baltic capitals. Apart from Ethereum, the company accepts Bitcoin and many other crypto assets.

There are several other stores and retailers that have provisions for an Ethereum payment. The above list only shows some of the better-known brands.

Does Amazon Accept Ethereum?

Being the largest eCommerce retailer, people are often curious to know whether Amazon accepts Ethereum payments. Well, the answer is that they do. With the help of the Moon browser extension, people can make purchases from Amazon using Ethereum.

The service that makes the transaction possible leverages the services of the Lightning Network to convert crypto to fiat without charging any extra fees. For now, the service is only available in the United States. Amazon also allows buying gift-cards using Ethereum.

Ethereum Payment Method

To accept payments in Ethereum, a store needs to integrate an Ethereum payment gateway. The process is easy and convenient for the sellers. What these payment gateways do

is that they automate Ethereum and other cryptocurrency payments while speeding up the transaction and eliminating the need for intermediaries. These payment gateways offer highly encrypted, secure payments at a much cheaper cost compared to traditional payment gateways.

The development of these payment gateways is based on the building blocks of smart contracts. Contracts that are used for processing and verifying peer-to-peer transactions. Smart contract-based payments offer increased transparency and enhance the level of security. It makes these payments less vulnerable to cyber hacks and attacks. If a seller does not want to go with a payment gateway, they can post their ETH wallet address on the website.

Accept Ethereum payments

Payments Through Credit Card

There are intermediate services that help make ETH payments via VISA cards. The users only need to connect their ETH wallets to the payment card. These intermediary services then exchange the ETH in the wallet for traditional fiat currency such as US dollars. These intermediaries charge a commission of nearly 2% for making such conversions.


In terms of market capitalization, Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency. With a market cap nearing US$400 billion, the only cryptocurrency that has a larger spread than Ethereum in the market is Bitcoin. With such a high volume of market cap, it is quite expected that Ethereum will soon become as popular as bitcoin as a medium of payment and peer-to-peer exchange. With growing availability, more and more merchants will set up Ethereum payment gateways to accept ETH.

Accept Ethereum payments




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