Who accepts DTravel?

5 min readJul 13, 2022


Dtravel brings Web 3.0 to the travel industry. It is building a travel ecosystem empowering property managers and hosts to transact directly with travelers without third parties. Blockchain technology helps Dtravel to facilitate seamless, trustless, and transparent transactions using smart contracts. Although the project has not yet released the list of properties accepting the TRVL coin, it already has big-name partners which will advance the adoption of Dtravel. NOWPayments enables businesses to accept the TRVL token as payment.

Key points:

  • The token TRVL operates on ERC-20 blockchain.
  • TRVL payments are borderless and private.
  • NOWPayments helps companies to accept TRVL token payments.

What is DTravel token?

Dtravel serves as a platform that aspires to help travelers and hosts find common ground to reach comfort, security, and satisfaction. The key feature of Dtravel is that all participants have the right to engage with the platform at different levels for the ultimate purpose of benefiting the Dtravel ecosystem.

TRVL is the utility token of the Dtravel ecosystem that grants stakeholder membership in the Dtravel DAO. The total supply of TRVL will be 1 billion coins. The platform has allocated 90,000,000 TRVL tokens to the members.

Benefits of TRVL payments

Dtravel ecosystem membership

TRVL payments can help businesses get TRVL tokens and thus access the Dtravel platform. By accepting the TRVL coin, companies can enjoy additional rewards provided by the platform. TRVL enables businesses to participate in community governance through its DAO. TRVL payments will be particularly useful for travel businesses, but other types of companies are also welcome to use the platform.

Easy cross-border payments

Yet, quite often, customers experience issues during the payment process. The mainstream payment solutions such as bank transfers can be quite inconvenient for clients because of delays and slow payment processing. TRVL transactions, on the other hand, are borderless, so they take only minutes to get processed.

Improved privacy

When people do online shopping or book their stays at hotels on the Internet, they often become conscious of their privacy. The mainstream payment solutions do not allow people to keep their financial activities confidential. TRVL solves this problem by offering private transactions that are not tied to the names or other personal information of senders and recipients.

Get new clientele

Every company always strives to increase the number of its customers to stay competitive and earn larger profits. TRVL is owned by numerous people who can instantly become your prospective clients if you offer them to pay in the Dtravel token. It is highly-useful crypto for travel and other types of businesses. It is reasonable to offer your clients a chance to pay in Dtravel if they wish to do so.

Companies accepting TRVL

As mentioned above, currently, there is no centralized database of TRVL merchants. Nevertheless, the following platforms integrate TRVL and let their partners accept the coin as payment.


Hostaway is a vacation rental management platform that provides services to thousands of clients. The platform helps businesses to automate and streamline every aspect of their operations. Hostaway is integrated with the biggest and boldest tools in the Vacation Rental industry, including Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com, Expedia, PriceLabs, and Operto.

Hostaway works closely with Dtravel and will allow its partners to feature TRVL payments.


Travala is a rapidly growing travel booking platform that enables people to pay for their hotels and other accommodations with cryptocurrency. Travala currently offers 2,200,000+ properties covering 90,124 destinations in 230 countries and territories and with prices up to 40% cheaper than mainstream travel booking platforms. Travala was one of the early backers of the Dtravel project. Today, people can pay with TRVL at Travala.

Rent Responsibly

Rent Responsibly is the community building and education platform for short-term rental alliances. It offers tools and alliance management services to equip local leaders to build successful, self-sustaining organizations of short-term rental hosts, managers, and all other stakeholders.

Rent Responsibly partners with Dtravel to bring blockchain to the sphere of short-term renting.


Uplisting is another service that helps to manage short-term rentals and bookings, message guests, and take payment. It is all in one easy-to-use platform. Uplisting displays its partners’ listings to millions of travelers on the world’s top booking sites. Uplisting also supports Dtravel and is likely to offer the TRVL payments feature to its clients.

How to accept TRVL payments

Crypto payment gateway NOWPayments lets businesses integrate TRVL payments easily and using reliable tools.


TRVL is a great token for different types of businesses that want to benefit from crypto payments. NOWPayments offers several solutions for featuring Dtravel coin payments.

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