Ways to make your business grow with Enjin

Surging demand for cryptocurrencies drives the competition in the industry forward making it steeper than ever before. Modern crypto projects that have an intention to grab their piece of the pie are forced to innovate and present value propositions that have the capacity to help them catch the eye of investors. Enjin has discovered its niche in the market by establishing the ultimate solution for NFT gaming projects. Enjin’s native coin, ENJ, underpins the entire infrastructure of Enjin by acting as a fuel that powers every operation. Such a high utility makes ENJ a popular asset used by thousands of people. A large ENJ user base, in its turn, offers incredible opportunities for businesses that can turn these people into their customers by accepting Enjin coin payments.

Key points:

How Enjin coin token benefits your company?

Create your Enjin NFTs

These days, businesses invest millions of dollars in gamification solutions every year. The cryptocurrency business, particularly the Enjin platform, provides an effective low-cost gamification option. Businesses can employ ENJ coins to create an ENJ NFT for their customers. NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are cryptographically secure. As a result, companies may accept ENJ tokens and convert them into NFTs to reward their loyal customers, generating even bigger revenues and attracting new customers.

Make your products accessible worldwide

Many companies rely on international customers as their main clients. As a result, they have to guarantee that their foreign clientele has a pleasurable interaction anytime they connect with the company. Unfortunately, in many cases, consumers encounter issues immediately after adding their products to the cart, namely during the payment procedure.

Traditional payment options, which include bank transfers, can be delayed and may not function entirely for some overseas clientele. However, this is when the Enjin crypto might come in handy. ENJ coin transfers are global, thus they work efficiently across the entire planet and all regions, given that there is a proper internet connection in place. Furthermore, because blockchain operates without interruptions, users can transact the Enjin cryptocurrency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Set up anonymous payments

Many consumers are quite concerned about their privacy while shopping online. Specifically, it is very hard to keep one’s financial operations private, when utilizing popular payment systems. The Enjin crypto, however, is a secure and anonymous coin, so its transactions are not linked to transaction parties’ identities or other confidential info.

As a result, the ENJ coin is an excellent means of implementing a secure payment mechanism. Shoppers who value their privacy will enjoy employing ENJ as a payment method. Thus, by embracing ENJ and featuring it alongside the standard payment solutions, you will be able to target specific privacy-conscious clients. For some people, the chance to pay anonymously will be the key factor in their decision to choose your company over competitors.

Say no to chargebacks

The established financial system is prone to all kinds of fraud, many forms of which stem from the extreme centralization of financial institutions. Specifically, banks exert enormous power over clients and their accounts which ultimately breeds a perfect environment for criminals.

For instance, since banks possess the ability to grant chargebacks, many criminals exploit this by stripping merchants of their money. Cryptocurrencies such as Enjin utilize a decentralized technology, so all of the ENJ transactions take place without the intervention of third parties. This implies that a chargeback is not feasible in the case of the Enjin currency. As a result, companies may use ENJ payments to protect their funds and prevent becoming victims of chargeback fraud.

Grow the number of your customers

Consumers are the main driver behind any organization; thus, firms must look for strategies to grow the number of their consumers in order to remain profitable and increase revenues. ENJ is held by numerous individuals who might become your prospective clientele overnight if you choose to take Enjin crypto payments.

As a result, it is appropriate to provide your clients with the option of paying in the Enjin cryptocurrency to attract new customers.

So… what should I do to accept ENJ?

Businesses and individuals can accept Enjin coins as payment or donations using these tools:

Here is a guide on how an ENJ payment link can be created:


Enjin payments are a great choice for businesses that want to embrace the power of crypto.

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