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Nowadays we all have the possibility to send money across the planet with the use of the beloved technology called Blockchain. We simply generate an address that links to a wallet that’s part of either a person’s portfolio or a company’s treasure. Next thing we do is open up our own wallet, decide how much of our cryptocurrency we want to send, fill in the wallet address and press send. That’s as easy as it gets. The mechanics behind it are a bit more complex so we’re not going to dive into that today. Today we’ll focus on the size of these payments that are performed on the Bitcoin blockchain. These are not the cups of coffees we are talking about, but more so the exchanges and other mysterious whales playing games.

5. 109,234 BTC — 20 November 2018

4. 130,004 BTC — 10 January 2019

3. 180.000 BTC — 7 March 2014

2. 194,993 BTC — 22 November 2013

1. 500,000 BTC — 16 November 2011

One thing that’s interesting though, the wallet has suddenly received a donation from a wallet that’s marked as ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. The wallet that’s linked to Satoshi has transaction linking back to 2009 that are marked with ‘Bitcoin Genesis’ which indicates that these are the very first transactions ever performed. Now, who this person is, we might never know. It sure as hell is very interesting.

With over 300,000 transactions happening every single day, there are big and small transactions happening each minute. Where these big whales spend around 0.1 BTC in fees, that’s more than another person could ever own. The cool thing about the Blockchain is the fact that it’s open for anyone to have a look. We never see the big payments that occur between the banks or financial institutions, but we can now actually see this occurring. One thing for sure, eyes are on these big whales’ wallets. Whenever a sudden move happens, traders start to move their funds as well to beat the market to it. What would you do if you saw one of these transactions happening today?

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