Top 10 Klever influencers 2.0

Klever Finance is a permissionless blockchain network for the emerging decentralized economy. The sphere of defi is expected to grow substantially in the coming years, and Klever offers an infrastructure to support this economy of the future. Klever and its native cryptocurrency KLV have great support not only from defi projects but also from its entire community. Particularly, there are numerous influencers on social media who promote Klever and its products. We have already introduced the top 5 Klever influencers to you. Now, it is the turn of the other 10 individuals who deserve to be recognized as top KLV influencers.

Key points:

What is Klever?

Klever is the cryptocurrency which powers the entire Klever ecosystem. KLV is necessary for every user that wants to use Klever products and services such as Klever Wallet and Klever Exchange. KLV acts as fuel, so all of the transactions occurring within the Klever ecosystem are processed with the help of KLV.

Best 10 KLV influencers


CryptoYoda is a popular YouTube channel and a Twitter account that explains everything about cryptocurrencies to people on social media. CryptoYoda is a Spanish-speaking influencer, and it seems that a substantial share of the Spanish-speaking community of Klever follows CryptoYoda on Twitter and is subscribed to him on YT. CryptoYoda has virtually an audience of over one hundred thousand people on YouTube. Apart from covering general topics about cryptocurrencies, CryptoYoda also extensively talks about the KLV coin in videos and tweets. You can check out his recent video about the most promising altcoins in 2022 that features KLV.

Jake Wong

Jake Wong is another major KLV influencer that has managed to draw the attention of numerous people to the Klever project. Jake’s account is filled with a great amount of interesting KLV and Klever ecosystem topics and insights. Jake is a well-respected member of the KLV community who always provides support to others and inspires every KLV investor to continue staking or using their KLV coins. Jake has over 2k followers which indicates that his tweets are truly valuable to many people, so do not hesitate and add Jake to your following list.

Black $klv Hollywood

Black $klv Hollywood is a highly proficient crypto investor who has built his fortune off cryptocurrencies. Black Hollywood has been in the business since 2017, and now he has retired, thanks to his investments in cryptocurrencies. It is great news for every KLV fan that Black Hollywood views KLV as one of the best coins with great potential. He openly states that he stays with Klever even during the current bear market. So, if you feel exactly like Black Hollywood about the Klever crypto, then give him a follow and enjoy his company on this crypto journey of yours.

Mr Gordon

Mr Gordon is an award-winning trading system product manager. He is also an avid fan of cryptocurrencies who invests his money in coins such as KLV. In his bio, Mr Gordon makes it clear that, in his opinion, KLV is the best altcoin. So, by following Mr Gordon on Twitter, you can expect to see many tweets about KLV from him covering the coin in detail. At the same time, he is also a Bitcoin investor. Mr Gordon often posts interesting technical analysis tweets about Bitcoin’s performance on the market. If you love KLV and trade Bitcoin, Mr Gordon’s content can be right up your alley.


Psteelers5 is another amazing member of the Klever family. She does a great deal for the promotion of KLV on social media. Currently, she is running a giveaway offering its followers a chance to win 1k KLV. Psteelers5 also enjoys playing a Klever-based RPG game called Devikins. If you are a fan of the title, you can follow Psteelers5 and enjoy the content she posts from the game. Psteelers5 frequently covers relevant news about Klever, so you will not miss a thing about the Klever coin if you follow her.

Mathijs Bok

Mathijs Bok is the Head of Customer Support Operations at Klever. Everyone who has ever asked for Mathijs’ assistance knows how professional and smart he is. Mathijs knows all the ins and outs of KLV. You can read his tweet about the functions of Klever’s Support and its role in the ecosystem. As an official member of the Klever team, Mathijs makes sure to repost every important piece of information about Klever and its ecosystem. Basically, you can follow Mathijs to get your KLV news from a trusted source and always have an opportunity to get support if you get stuck.

Onscolo Adjei

Onscolo Adjei, also known as Prince Adjei, is an administrator of Klever Ghana. He is a dedicated supporter of the Klever ecosystem and a KLV investor with a lot of experience. You can easily sense the love Prince has for KLV through his tweets. Check out his tweet about his relationship with the KLV crypto, and it can easily inspire you to go get more Klever coins. Prince Adjei also regularly makes reposts about cool things happening in the Klever ecosystem to keep his followers updated.


DanLux is a self-proclaimed “cryptocurrency hype man.” DanLux is a real altcoin addict, and KLV also has a special place in his portfolio. DanLux posts news about KLV and other projects which are worth the attention of his followers. Additionally, he shares tips relevant to KLV holders. For example, recently, he reminded his audience members who swap their KLV and KFI coins to write down their private keys. DanLux is a knowledgeable person who knows the ropes when it comes to crypto, so follow him to gain some extra wisdom.

Klever Scott

Klever Scott is the main biologist of the Klever community. Scott studies endangered species and, at the same time, invests in KLV. Scott promotes KLV on Twitter by making memes and tweets covering the latest developments concerning Klever. For instance, Scott was among the first people in the community to announce that KLV got a listing on Huobi, a major crypto exchange. You can also read Scott’s thread about investment opportunities offered by Klever.

Warren Manuel

Warren Manuel is another important member of the Klever team. He is a social media community manager at Klever. Warren is the man to follow if you wish to be aware of everything that is going on in the Klever ecosystem. Warren even has a weekly newsletter allowing you to get familiar with the news about KLV comfortably. Warren posts interesting observations as well as real insights about the project. You can also watch Warren’s talk with LunarCrush about the impact of social media on crypto.

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