Top 10 IoTeX influencers 2.0

IoTeX is built with the purpose to connect the real world to Web3. The success of the project becomes apparent when one takes a look at the IoTeX ecosystem of products and IoTeX partnerships. IoTeX’s infrastructure powers both digital products and physical devices, providing them with decentralization and scalability. Given its impressive potential, it is not surprising why IoTeX has a huge following on social media. We have already published a list of the top 10 social media IOTX crypto influencers, but their number is so massive that we have decided to release another part. Welcome another 10 people you should follow on Twitter to know your way around the IOTX coin.

Key points:

What is IOTX crypto?

The IOTX cryptocurrency is the native token of IoTeX. The value of this coin is supported by its utility within the IoTeX ecosystem. It facilitates trusted and transparent interactions between various entities in the IoTeX Network such as Delegates, stakeholders, developers, service providers, and consumers. The IOTX token has an advanced tokenomics model. Specifically, 1 billion IOTX which is 10% of the total supply will be Burn-Dropped as the project onboards the first 1 million devices powered by the platform. Out of the 1 billion IOTX to be Burn-Dropped, 90% will be burned and 10% will be distributed to voters who use auto-staking.

Who are the next 10 IoTeX influencers?

Bradford Crypto

Bradford Crypto is a talented market analyst who regularly keeps the audience updated about the price of IOTX on the market. Apart from the IoTeX crypto, Bradford also covers a variety of other cryptocurrencies, presenting the latest analytics on their performance. Bradford’s Twitter account is a great place for every person who trades IOTX and other coins and wishes to be informed about what other people have to say about the current market situation.

IoTeX Daily

IoTeX Daily is a Twitter account whose name speaks for itself. Hot-off-the-press news and updates about the IoTeX ecosystem are what you are guaranteed to be served if you follow this account. Unlike the official page of IoTeX on Twitter, IoTeX Daily features much more sources and, subsequently, extra information which is always a good thing if you want to be completely immersed in the coin’s ecosystem. Use IoTeX Daily to be the first to find out about the coolest events and features in the world of IOTX.

Chokri AlGhanmi

Chokri AlGhanmi is one of those influencers who definitely deserved to be featured on the first list of top IOTX influencers. Chokri is an IoTeX community leader whose efforts mean so much for the success of the project and its growth. Chokri has an audience of over 3500 people with whom he shares his ideas and anything he considers worth seeing. On Chokri’s Twitter, you can encounter many informative articles about crypto, reports on IOTX’s market activity, and retweets of promising crypto projects.

IoTeX Ecosystem Updates

IoTeX Ecosystem Updates is another unofficial community page about everything that is going on in the IoTeX ecosystem. Yet, despite being unofficial, it is still a popular account with over 37k followers. In fact, it is one of the largest social media IoTeX coin accounts. IoTeX Ecosystem Updates has pretty much all the things you expect from such accounts: a curated selection of news about IOTX that every investor must be aware of. Basically, any piece of info you will ever need when holding IOTX is present here.

Marcos Dinnerstein

Marcos Dinnerstein is one of the most creative members of the community since he is a content creator at IoTeX. Marcos gives much food for thought to his followers by posting interesting articles and takes on different crypto-related topics. Marcos even writes his own articles that every crypto aficionado will absolutely love. Check out his recent article on MachineFi, the core IoTeX developer, and its investors. Marcos produces truly unique content, so it is crucial that you follow him to be knowledgeable about all the developments in the IOTX ecosystem.


Anwar is an active member of the IOTX community on Twitter who posts tons of useful stuff on the subject of crypto and its technology. He is also highly consistent, so if you follow him you can expect to get a lot of valuable info in your feed every day. Although Anwar focuses mostly on tweeting about IOTX and its ecosystem, he also occasionally shares other projects that his followers may find interesting.


JayNesis is a co-founder of IoTeX Daily and a self-proclaimed IOTX chad. JayNesis tweets extensively about IOTX and its features that ultimately make it his favorite project. He also communicates wisdoms every crypto investor and enthusiast needs to hear from time to time. JayNesis is a big proponent of building apps using the IoTeX platform, so if you are also excited about creating IoTeX blockchain software, you definitely need to become JayNesis’s follower.


Iotexan is the guy you need to follow if you want to understand more about IoTeX, Web3, and Internet-of-Things. Iotexan is a real expert in these areas and he has much knowledge to offer to his audience. He also takes notice of the most important news of the IoTeX ecosystem and lets his followers know about them. Iotexan’s Twitter is a great place to keep your finger on the pulse of everything happening in the world of Web3 and IoTeX.

Ollie Acuna

Ollie Acuna is a notable journalist and a person who has been into crypto since 2018 and he is extremely knowledgeable about IoTeX. Ollie can explain in simple terms the most complex concepts of IOTX and Web3. Ollie shares numerous articles on the topic of crypto and IoTeX and contributes to the discussion on key topics. Ollie always has something exciting to post, so be sure to give him a follow.

Klaus Hepf

Klaus Hepf is an IOTX influencer with one of the largest audiences in the community. He has over 10k people following him which is a sign that he does a great job educating people on Twitter about IoTeX and its key tech. Klaus does not miss a single important piece of information occurring in the IoTeX universe letting his followers stay updated about all the things IoTeX. You can get quickly up to speed with the latest IoTeX developments by reading Klaus’s Twitter even if you have never heard about the project before.

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