Top 10 Digibyte influencers 2.0

DigiByte is driving innovation in the field of blockchain forward by offering cutting-edge technology and infrastructure for digital assets, smart contracts, decentralized applications, and secure authentication. The army of DGB holders comprises thousands of people who not only keep their coins in wallets but also use them on a daily basis. After all, DigiByte is meant for day-to-day use thanks to its efficiency. We have already covered the most notable influencers promoting DigiByte on social media. Yet, since the DGB community is so massive, it is impossible to fit all of the amazing DGB influencers into one article. This is why we present to you the second part of the awesome people proudly representing DigiByte on the net.

Key points:

  • DigiByte is a fast cryptocurrency.

What is Digibyte coin?

The DigiByte network was launched in 2013. The feature making the DigiByte blockchain stand out has always been its transaction speed. Specifically, DGB transactions happen quickly and without delays which is hard to imagine for people who use Bitcoin. Moreover, DGB crypto transactions cost less than a cent, so it is an extremely affordable way to store value and transfer money. The efficiency of DigiByte is ensured through the use of three separate layers by its network which also facilitate easy and secure deployment of decentralized applications. The DGB coin has a fixed supply of 21 billion tokens.

Who are the next 10 Digibyte influencers?


G0nz0b0ards is everyone’s favorite DGB miner who shares his mining highlights on Twitter. So, if you also mine DigiByte blocks or wish to get into it, you absolutely must follow G0nz0b0ards’s account.

Apart from mining, he also tweets about many other cool things. For instance, you can check out his life hack on how you can earn cashback when swapping your DGB. G0nz0b0ards also sometimes interesting facts about DigiByte. For example, it was surprising to learn that DigiByte would be mining the last 25% of the total supply in 12–13 years.


JohnnyLaw.DGB is a member of the official DigiByte Awareness Team. Johnny is an influential person inside the DGB community and others listen to what he has to say carefully. Johnny often provides thought-provoking perspectives that can really make you stop and ponder.

Johnny also occasionally makes memes that can give you a good laugh and can cheer you up if you are feeling low. Johnny has built an audience of more than 2k people who value his contribution to the community. Follow Johnny on Twitter to be the first to discover his ideas and insights.


DEE GEBi is the official Twitter for The Adventures of Dee Gebi comic book series. This series can be a great find for everyone who enjoys cryptocurrency, particularly the DigiByte crypto, and comic books with wonderful artwork. It has an amazing story and is seasoned with some crypto references.

DEE GEBi also releases cool NFTs featuring characters from the book. So, if you are excited about the idea of owning an NFT of heroes you read about in a book, follow DEE GEBi to always stay updated on new releases.

DigiByte Awareness Team

DigiByte Awareness Team, also known as DGBAT, has an official Twitter account that you can follow. It is a community-driven outreach initiative. It consists of more than 20 core members responsible for managing teams across social media, outreach, education, developers, and writers.

DGBAT is one of the most powerful actors in the community that makes a great deal to boost the adoption of DGB. DGBAT’s account on Twitter accumulates all the latest news from the DGB universe keeping followers in the know.

Ray P. Medina

Ray P. Medina is an avid DGB investor who documents his investment activities on Twitter. He regularly posts interesting information about DigiByte letting his followers learn more about the coin and its technology. Ray also occasionally holds DGB giveaways in which anyone can participate.

Follow Ray’s account to discover cool features of DGB and see how he invests in DGB and other coins. Ray’s Twitter can be particularly relevant for people actively trading crypto.

Jose Trejo

Jose Trejo is one of the most knowledgeable people about the DigiByte cryptocurrency who is happy to share his knowledge with followers. Although Jose calls himself a DGB noob, in reality, he can easily be considered one of the leading DGB experts.

By reading Jose’s Twitter you can get a real insight into the project. For instance, check out his thread about DGB and the people who support the projects where you can find tons of valuable info.

The DigiByte Alliance

The DigiByte Alliance is another organization advancing economic empowerment and value discovery on the DigiByte blockchain. It aspires to solidify DigiByte as a trusted and decentralized blockchain network to reliably and efficiently and securely transfer value.

One of the key focuses of the DigiByte Alliance is education in order to make sure that more people know about DGB and its advantages. Follow the organization on Twitter to monitor all of its activities and have a chance to take part in some of them.

Mike Aldy

Mike Aldy is the host of the Get Right w/ DigiByte, a show dedicated to covering the latest news about the project and interviewing notable members of the DigiByte community.

The show is simply an invaluable source for every DGB investor who wants to dive deep into the nitty-gritty details of the DigiByte ecosystem. Mike is also active on Twitter which is followed by over 3k people who enjoy his content and the expertise that he shares online.


Shane is another member of the DigiByte Awareness Team. Shane is a skilled content-maker who produces videos, gifs, and memes on the topic of DGB. He even has an entire Telegram channel where he keeps all of the content.

The media created by Shane can be used by the community members to further promote DGB among others. Recently, Shane held a contest where participants could create tweets featuring Shane’s media and get rewarded for it with physical DGB coins.


Majestic Jay is Chief Creative Officer of the DigiByte Elf Society, a unique NFT project deployed on the DigiByte network. The Elf Society is one of the most successful NFT projects on the blockchain.

Majestic Jay is definitely one of the coolest personalities in the community. Majestic Jay also hosts Twitter Spaces where his followers can ask him questions and share their ideas. Get yourself an Elf and follow Majestic Jay on Twitter.

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