Subway: Is Bitcoin Accepted?

Subway & Bitcoin

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The world of fast food is diverse and has many renowned brands on the list which have managed to become international, including McDonald’s, Burger King, and Pizza Hut. Yet, there is one restaurant chain that is unlike any other; this is, of course, Subway. Its primary competitive advantage is its menu and selection of available foods. The company seeks to offer its clients meals that possess high nutritional value and which at the same time can be consumed in a matter of minutes. This unusual balance between healthy eating and fast food paired with an excellent service ultimately allowed the chain to establish its branches in all parts of the planet.

Does Subway accept Bitcoin?

Subway Branches Accepting Bitcoin

So how to pay with Bitcoin at Subway?

Subway was actually one of the first fast-food chains to ever accept Bitcoin as payment for its products. In 2013, reporters discovered that at least three Subway restaurants were willing to exchange their food for crypto. One of them was in Allentown, Pennsylvania. It even inspired some people from Reddit to visit the place and utilize the opportunity to pay with Bitcoin. The transaction was successful and was captured on video. The other two Subway locations accepting Bitcoin were in Moscow and also Buenos Aires. Since Subway operates as a franchise, the decision to introduce Bitcoin as a payment option belonged to the owners of these three stores and not the company’s top-managers. Unfortunately, the examples of these branches did not persuade the Subway executives to make Bitcoin payments a standard across all locations.

Subway Gift Cards

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NOWPayments is an awesome service for easy and smooth crypto payments processing. We believe in simplicity — no excess. Made by

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