Places that accept Bitcoin in Toronto

September 30, 2021 by Walt

Although there are thousands of companies on the planet that accept Bitcoin as payment, their number is still quite small compared to merchants that use fiat. The level of crypto adoption in different countries is highly diverse. Some nations only have a dozen crypto-powered businesses, while others have hundreds. Canada is a country which is leading the crypto adoption movement since there are not only numerous DeFi projects based in it but also many firms that accept crypto. Toronto is perhaps a leading city in Canada in terms of crypto use. Today, residents of Toronto can pay for their rent, beer, and even dinner with Bitcoin. Read the article to learn about places that accept Bitcoin in Toronto.

Key Points:

  • Toronto has many companies that take crypto as payment.
  • There are fashion brands, dental services, and even mortgage brokers in Toronto which welcome crypto investors.
  • Toronto businesses can deploy their payments gateway and start accepting crypto within minutes.

Toronto Brewing

Toronto residents have a rare opportunity to taste quality beer, thanks to Toronto Brewing. The company sells a plethora of beers and ales, mainly from small Canadian breweries. Apart from beer, Toronto Brewing clients can enjoy wines, whiskey, and hard seltzers. The shop is pure heaven for alcohol enthusiasts who are constantly on a prowl for new and exciting beverages. Although Toronto Brewing’s assortment of drinks is quite impressive, alcohol does not constitute its main specialty. In fact, the primary products sold by the store are brewing equipment such as air stills, brew pots, and filters. The store also has ingredients for brewing, including hops, malts, grains, as well as chemicals, and flavorings. Toronto Brewing has partnered with many major names in the brewing business, including Spike, the Grainfather, Still Spirits, and White Labs, to get products of these companies to the customer. The store accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum, which makes it the ultimate destination for all Toronto crypto investors loving beer.

Park Agency

Park Agency is a shop where you can order your designs to be printed and pay for them with Bitcoin. Essentially it is a printing shop that possesses the professional expertise to turn any of your digital ideas into reality. Park Agency provides services to all customers, from individuals and families to large companies and organizations. Park Agency works with different formats, including leaflets, posters, stickers, and canvas. The company even can print wallpaper and banners up to 60″ wide. Moreover, there is no need for clients to bring their files to Park Agency in person because they can simply send their photos to it from their computer or mobile phone. Park Agency also functions as a store where clients can purchase various supplies. For instance, the company sells printer paper in bulk, office supplies such as staplers and tape. Since the start of the pandemic, Park Agency has been selling disposable masks, gloves, and sanitizers. Park Agency’s address is 1418 Queen St West, Toronto, M6K 1L9.

GOGO Sweaters

GOGO Sweaters is an apparel brand that sells hand-knit sweaters made in Canada for people worldwide. The coolest feature of GOGO is that it is constantly experimenting with different models of its sweaters and fabrics. On the company’s official website, one can discover sweaters made of Italian spun wool, jersey knit, and neon mohair. Although sweaters might sound boring, the ones sold by GOGO Sweaters are totally the opposite of what people might usually call “dull.” Bright and eye-catching designs are an inherent part of all sweaters made by GOGO. The company is committed to eco-conscious fashion standards and sells special sweaters which were made as part of its sustainability initiative. The brand also sells hats as well as scrunchies, snoods, and scarves. GOGO has a fantastic collection designed specifically for brides. GOGO also makes clothes for kids. Apart from Bitcoin, GOGO features a variety of crypto payment options, including Dogecoin and Dai, so its clients always have a choice.


Instacoin is perhaps the best Bitcoin ATM Toronto provider, with machines in 27 locations around the city. Instacoin enables crypto investors to buy and sell their crypto using special ATMs. Although the company allows users to trade only 12 cryptocurrencies, all of them are popular ones and practically satisfy the needs of 90% of all crypto investors. With Instacoin, you do not need to register on any websites or share your personal information with exchanges. Instacoin lets people buy and sell crypto anonymously by utilizing their crypto wallets. The process of buying Bitcoin with Instacoin is quite simple. All one needs to make a trade is to scan a QR code of their wallet address, insert cash in the ATM, and then receive their Bitcoin or altcoin. Instacoin also has a special prepaid card that makes crypto trading much more convenient. Since Instacoin machines are present in many parts of Canada, Toronto residents can travel the country and always have the option of selling or buying crypto.


Figures is the only restaurant in Toronto that accepts Bitcoin. It is quite strange that Toronto, being one of the largest cities in Canada, has only one eatery which has adopted crypto, but it is a reality. Nevertheless, Figures definitely makes up for the lack of crypto-fueled restaurants with its diverse menu, which is full of yummy meals. Figures is a great spot for both vegans and people preferring animal protein since it has a good balance of dishes both with and without meat. Poke Bites, Chicken Parmigiana, Oxtail Pancake, Pot de Crème, are all featured on Figures’ menu. Figures’ guests also have access to a wide range of cocktails. Le Diable Blanc, Bramble Bee, Poison Ivy are all exciting beverages that you can enjoy when visiting Figures. The restaurant accepts Bitcoin as payment, and it definitely deserves to be attended for that. Crypto investors can have a dining experience of their lifetime when eating at Figures.

Sonic Systems

Sonic Systems is a company that provides smart home automation services to clients living in the Greater Toronto Area. The firm has been operating since 2009 and, over time, has managed to achieve a status as a leading smart home equipment provider in the country. The staff working at the company have extensive experience and expertise in all areas concerning smart home automation, including design, installation, and programming. Sonic Systems assists premium customers in deploying their smart home solutions. Sonic Systems works both with individual and commercial clients in homes and retail spaces, and buildings across Ontario. The company can install audio-video surveillance, set up security systems such as secure entry infrastructure, climate control, touch panel TVs, and video billboards. Sonic Systems supplies an entire package of services from prewiring and product selection to installation and after-care services. The company supports the adoption of cryptocurrencies and accepts Bitcoin as payment for its work. is a service that helps people seeking accommodation in Toronto to find the best deals on the market. is active in Canada and carefully collects information about all available homes and flats in the country. Toronto has one of the biggest real estate markets in Canada. Subsequently, there are many people wishing to rent a flat in the city but only a limited number of landlords. This makes it quite difficult to get the place of one’s dreams at an affordable price. seeks to solve the problem by allowing people to discover more options for rent which often pass them unnoticed. There are virtually hundreds of places around Toronto which one can rent with the help of Yet, the key feature of, which makes it attractive to crypto investors, is that it allows clients to pay with Bitcoin. People using can get a flat without the need to use fiat and simply make a payment in Bitcoin.

Downtown Dental Hygiene Clinic

Downtown Dental Hygiene Clinic is the place where crypto investors of Toronto can get a full range of dental services and pay with Bitcoin for them. Despite the fact that Downtown Dental Hygiene Clinic staff will not deal with your cavities, it can help you to detect them, as well as to ensure that your gums and dental fillings are in good shape. At the clinic, you can perform teeth whitening for less than $300. Moreover, everyone who gets teeth whitening can expect to take home a professional dental whitening system. The clinic also assists people in picking and installing the right dentures. Downtown Dental Hygiene Clinic specializes in serving all family members, including children who particularly need to learn to maintain proper oral hygiene early in life. Patients of the clinic also can get an oral cancer screening in order to see if they have any problems in their mouths. Downtown Dental Hygiene Clinic accepts Bitcoin as payment.

Coins 4 Clothes

Coins 4 Clothes is a local Toronto-based charity that receives crypto donations and buys clothes using these funds, and then distributes them among people in need. Moreover, the charity gives away Bitcoin Cash to individuals who contribute clothes. The charity uses only Bitcoin Cash for all transactions. Over the period of its existence, the charity has carried out more than 600 transactions, both accepting and sending Bitcoin Cash to donors. As of 2021, the charity no longer provides coins for clothes and has decided to focus on addressing the consequences of the pandemic. Now, people can only donate their Bitcoin Cash to the charity, and the money raised by the organization will then be spent on providing immediate relief to the homeless and poor population of Toronto. The blockchain helps the charity to be absolutely transparent since all of its transactions are recorded on the blockchain. If you want to donate to the charity, you can do it by simply scanning the QR code of its crypto address.

Matrix Mortgage

Have you ever considered the idea of taking out a mortgage and paying for it using crypto? If your answer is yes, Matrix Mortgage can help you with that. Matrix Mortgage is a Canadian mortgage broker with an office in Toronto which assists people in getting first and second mortgages as well as home equity loans. The firm serves clients with all kinds of credit histories, including those who previously had problems with paying out their debts. The company values the diversity of the Toronto community and provides its services in numerous languages, including Chinese, Italian, and Arabic. Matrix Mortgage can easily make a purchase of your favorite house in Toronto happen. Matrix Mortgage has won the “Broker of the Year” award on numerous occasions and proves its exemplary expertise with every successful deal. Recently, the company announced that it was going to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and XRP as payment in partnership with BitPay.

How to accept Bitcoin in Toronto

There are several Bitcoin companies Toronto residents can enjoy, yet it is still not enough. The situation with crypto payments in the city is difficult because there are many crypto investors willing to pay with crypto, but not many businesses ready to accept their payments. NOWPayments is a service that can enable Toronto-based companies to deploy their crypto payment gateways. NOWPayments has developed a set of tools that companies can use to accept crypto.

Clients of NOWPayments can utilize crypto invoices and an online PoS terminal to quote clients their orders in crypto. Owners of eCommerce stores deployed on Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and other platforms can accept Bitcoin and altcoins with the help of plugins.

Toronto charities can accept donations using widgets, buttons, and links placed on their websites and social media pages.

NOWPayments is a non-custodial service that does not store the money of its clients.


Toronto is a great city for a crypto investor to live in. There are many companies that are ready to take Bitcoin as payment and even charities that let their donors donate in crypto. Although there are already plenty of options for spending crypto in Toronto, more businesses can join the party and begin featuring crypto payments. NOWPayments makes accepting cryptocurrencies an easy task.

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