Nano cryptocurrency explained

Nano provides an infrastructure for next-gen peer-to-peer transactions by utilizing blockchain technology. The XNO cryptocurrency is the native coin of nano. Since the nano network is highly efficient and versatile, nano can be used in numerous contexts. Today, nano is already used in remittances, microtransactions, online and in-store payments, foreign exchange and trading, and banking infrastructure. For instance, the integration of nano payments can be easily performed with the help of NOWPayments. Read the article to discover more exciting details about nano and its XNO coin.

Key points:

What is a nano payment gateway?

A nano payment gateway is a service that processes payments made in nano. NOWPayments is a nano payment processor that offers one of the best sets of features currently available on the market. The payment gateway is a must-have solution for every business that wants to automate cryptocurrency payments. While merchants can accept XNO payments directly without the involvement of third parties, the crypto payment gateway provides them with a number of features that make the payment process easier. Here are the key benefits delivered by the NOWPayments nano payment gateway:

The nano payment gateway automatically updates XNO prices of products and total order amounts in XNO according to the latest exchange rate.

· The terminal lets merchants accept payments automatically using plugins or manually issue custom invoices which can be reused an unlimited number of times.

Does nano have value?

XNO is a coin that has proven over the years that it definitely has value and a massive potential which is yet to be realized. There are three components that give XNO its value, namely, the Nano technology, the coin characteristics, and the use cases of XNO.

Nano technology

The technology of Nano is what makes XNO so special. Basically, it is an extremely efficient network that processes transactions instantly and does not charge any fees for it. At the heart of Nano is the Open Representative Voting (ORV) consensus mechanism which provides security and extreme efficiency using delegated weight-based voting. It requires low costs for handling transactions at volume and removes the need to incentivize participation with on-chain rewards. It is a lightweight consensus which avoids other networks’ competitive, energy-intensive activities. As a result, users get the fast and energy-efficient Nano network. The Nano network is truly unique, and it is by far the key driver behind XNO’s value. People choose to use XNO because of the amazing efficiency of its network.

XNO characteristics

At the same time, XNO is a sought-after coin because it possesses internal attributes which support its value. The most crucial characteristic of XNO is that it is non-inflationary. This means that it has a fixed supply, and there will be no extra coins minted in the future. This ensures that the coin’s supply does not get bloated and cause its value to flop. Another vital feature of XNO is that it is permissionless, meaning that anyone can use it. There is no authority that can ban you from using XNO coins, so it is open to everyone and available 24/7. The unrestricted access to XNO contributes to the value of the coin and drives it forward.

Nano use cases

Finally, the third component of XNO’s value is the use cases. There are hundreds which use XNO in one way or another. From payments to gaming, XNO has been successfully integrated into many different contexts. Here are the most notable projects featuring XNO coins:

Alternative Airlines

Alternative Airlines is a service that lets people book flights with XNO. It has over 600 airlines to choose from and tickets practically to any destination on the planet.

Apart from nano, the company features dozens of cryptocurrencies as payment methods. So, if you have some XNO, you can spend it on a journey of a lifetime.

The Human League

The Human League is one of the most influential charities promoting animal welfare in the United States and around the world. Thanks to the actions of the Human Leagues, more than 400 companies in the US have committed to eliminating eggs from hens raised in cages. You can donate to the Human League by donating XNO. lets you buy payment cards, mobile top-ups, or gift cards with XNO and other cryptocurrencies. Coinsbee features over 2,500 brands available in more than 165 countries.

You can purchase gift cards and payment cards with XNO and use them to obtain services and products from companies that do not accept crypto directly.

Fight for the Future

Fight for the Future is an activist group that is fighting to ensure that technology is a force for empowerment and free expression rather than tyranny and corruption.

The organization is challenging the monopoly of Big Tech companies and protesting the adoption of legislation limiting Internet freedoms. Fight for the Future accepts donations in XNO.


Travala is another service that accepts Nano coin payments. Travala helps XNO holders to book hotels and other accommodations around the world.

It has a selection of over two million places where you can stay while traveling. Travala is the ultimate platform for finding hotels for all crypto investors since it accepts a great number of coins.

How to accept nano donations?

NOWPayments is a Nano payment gateway that features a set of tools for accepting XNO donations:

Additionally, businesses and individuals can accept XNO payments using these tools:


What is nano crypto?

XNO is the cryptocurrency of the Nano network, which is designed to facilitate peer-to-peer money transfers.

Is nano a good investment?

XNO is built to be used, nevertheless, it can still be utilized as an investment, yet it is likely that it will take a while for the value of XNO to grow substantially.

How can I buy nano coin?

You can purchase XNO on any major exchange. Here is a guide on how to buy XNO on Binance:

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XNO is a cryptocurrency which can be used as a payment and donation method. NOWPayments enables companies, organizations, and individuals to accept XNO donations and XNO payments.

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