How to Pay out Bonuses in Kiba Inu?

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Pay out bonuses in Kiba Inu

Modern employers are forced to get increasingly creative in their efforts to attract a highly qualified workforce to remain competitive in their respective fields. This has led to the emergence of new tactics, such as offering bonuses in cryptocurrency. The crypto community nowadays includes millions of people worldwide and companies go to great lengths to recruit the brightest minds among them, including by paying them in crypto. What’s more, crypto bonuses give employers an edge in the job market by enabling them to increase employee retention and satisfaction. The Kiba Inu cryptocurrency is one of the viable options that businesses may use to attract professionals passionate about crypto. NOWPayments’ Mass Payments feature lets businesses streamline the payroll process and send multiple crypto payments in KIBA in seconds.

Key points:

  • KIBA bonuses are much more convenient than traditional payment solutions.
  • KIBA makes it easy to conduct cross-border transfers.
  • Pay your staff in the KIBA token via NOWPayments.

Why Are Bonuses in Kiba Inu a Good Idea?

Protection against market volatility

Relying on bonuses as a primary means of remuneration instead of salaries is regarded as a less risky strategy for businesses. Due to the fact that bonuses can vary in their size depending on the company’s performance, businesses can stay in better control over their balance sheet and adjust the bonus payouts in accordance with the current profits.

Salaries, on the other hand, have a fixed rate. Therefore, in the case of low demand and lackluster sales, the obligation to still pay hefty salaries can put businesses on the brink of collapse. Thus, incentivizing employees with bonuses seems to be a much wiser idea than showering them with massive salaries.

Treat your employees

Still, if you opt for salaries it does not mean you need to abandon the idea of paying out bonuses completely. Instead, you can use bonuses as an extra reward for your employees’ exceptional performance.

Bonuses in KIBA can bring even more fun to the whole occasion, as cryptocurrencies are always an exciting thing, especially for people who are not familiar with them. The Kiba Inu coin is a meme token that, in addition to having a relatively high value, possesses a cute design that your employees will absolutely love.


Using KIBA as a means of paying bonuses can be more convenient than utilizing mainstream solutions. KIBA does not impose any limits on how much you can transfer, or how often you can make transfers.

You are also never tied down to the KIBA crypto only since you can easily convert the KIBA token to the currency of your choice, either crypto to fiat. You also do not need to deal with any banks, meaning that you retain full control over your cryptocurrency and, therefore, can use it at any moment and in any way, including for paying out bonuses.

Easy cross-border payments

No matter where you are, KIBA makes it easy to send bonus payments without worrying about geographical borders. Basically, you can send the KIBA crypto to anyone and anywhere, without delays. Whether you are in the same building with your employees or halfway around the world, KIBA allows you to send payments quickly.

Thanks to NOWPayments, you can accelerate the entire process even further and simplify it to just a few clicks. This is why crypto payments are enjoyed by global brands that have dozens of staff residing in different countries. With crypto, you simply forget about borders.

Win the race for talent

Providing KIBA as a bonus option is an excellent way to demonstrate your company’s forward-thinking attitude. There are many highly-skilled professionals in the cryptocurrency world, and to pique their interest in your team, it is vital to demonstrate that your company shares their values.

A business that pays out bonuses in KIBA does a better job at articulating its ability to offer engaging projects to its employees than one that pays in dollars. This is why featuring unconventional cryptocurrencies such as the KIBA Inu token, despite seeming quirky, may actually become a massive advantage in the eyes of a potential candidate.

Pay out bonuses in Kiba Inu

What Should I Do to Send Bonuses in KIBA?

NOWPayments is a Kiba Inu payment gateway, allowing companies to both accept and send payments in KIBA. To send salaries in the Kiba Inu token, one must activate the Balances feature in the NOWPayments account. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Register a NOWPayments account.
  1. Provide your Kiba Inu BSC payout address.
  1. Go to the “Custody” section.
  1. Read the Custody Solution user agreement, agree to the terms, and press “Continue.”
  1. Provide your IP address, which you plan to use to send salaries, check the box to agree to the Custody Solution terms, and press “Continue.”
  1. You may be shown a page saying that the Balances feature is temporarily unavailable for you, but it will be removed in a couple of minutes.
  1. Once the system is ready to process your transactions, it will show you the following page:
  1. Now, you will be able to pay out salaries in KIBA by uploading a .csv file.


KIBA bonuses are a sure way to incentivize your employees and get them excited about their jobs. Use NOWPayments to start sending KIBA bonuses.

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Pay out bonuses in Kiba Inu



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