How to collect Bitcoin payments in Telegram

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Telegram is a popular messenger app which has been consistently gaining new users over the past several years. One of the notable features of Telegram is bots that users can create to automatically perform different functions. There are many Telegram bots which were created for crypto users. Such bots can help crypto investors to control their holdings, exchange their cryptocurrency, and even send transactions to their friends. Telegram bots are incredibly useful tools for those who value convenience and want to manage their cryptocurrency in one place. Read our article and learn how to use Telegram bots for Bitcoin.

Key points:

  • Crypto owners can utilize Telegram bots to send, trade, and pay with their crypto.
  • Telegram users also can exchange their cryptocurrencies through the ChangeNOW bot.
  • Owners of Telegram channels can accept cryptocurrency donations by deploying a donation link.

Button Wallet

Button Wallet is a project which allows Telegram users to have a crypto wallet right in their app. Button Wallet Bot enables crypto owners to exchange their cryptocurrencies for other coins. It also lets users buy and sell their crypto holdings. Another key feature of Button Wallet is the ability to send cryptocurrency to other Telegram users simply by typing in their username. The bot already has 80,000 clients from more than one hundred countries worldwide. Additionally, users can receive notifications on the exchange rates of their favorite coins. The developers of the bot guarantee that they do not store the private keys of clients on their servers.


TgMembership is a bot which provides owners of Telegram channels with the ability to accept subscription fees from their subscribers in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Essentially, on Telegram, users can create their channels similar to Facebook communities. Some channels can be accessed only after buying a subscription. TgMembership has designed a solution for extending the list of subscription payment options to include cryptocurrencies. If you have a Telegram channel or you are planning to create one and sell membership to your subscribers, TgMembership can be a great choice for you.


SimpleCryptoBroker is a Telegram bot that ultimately allows users to trade Bitcoin on Telegram. The way it works is simple. The wallet supplies you with a reusable crypto address to which you can deposit any amount of Bitcoin. Once you have funds on your balance, you can start trading. The bot provides users with a startup bonus of 100 Satoshi, so if you wanted to know how to get Bitcoin on Telegram, this bot is your answer. The minimum withdrawal sum is 0.0001 BTC. At the same time, the service does not charge clients any withdrawal fees, so one can save a lot of money on transaction fees. Moreover, users can download reports on their trading activity as well as withdrawals and deposits.


TrackTX is a simple but reliable tool for tracking your cryptocurrency wallet activity. In order to start using this service, you need to enter your public address, and the bot will automatically display all of the information about it. The bot supports only a limited number of currencies, including BTC, Ethereum, USDT, BNB, and XRP. The bot notifies you every time you accept new tokens. It is a great way to track the Airdrop tokens, which many people often overlook. TrackTX supports the multi-wallet feature. So, you can type in all of your cryptocurrency addresses and monitor their activities right on your messenger.

ChangeNOW Bot

ChangeNOW is a popular non-custodial crypto exchange platform that facilitates an exchange of cryptocurrencies for other coins and tokens, as well as fiat. The company has created an exchange bot specifically for Telegram fans. In order to perform an exchange, the user has to specify their exchange pair and then provide their deposit address. After that, the bot will give them an address to send their crypto to. ChangeNOW does not require its clients to disclose their identity, so there is no need to sign up with the service. The bot has notifications which keep the user updated on their order. There are no limits to the transactions. Basically, users can exchange as much crypto as they want.


Telegram is one of the most secure and advanced messengers on the market. Bot creation is a cool feature of the platform. Today, one can track their, sell, withdraw, and pay with their crypto while utilizing Telegram. Perhaps, given such a rate of adoption of crypto by the Telegram community, the messenger itself will soon add the crypto payments feature to the list of its services.

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