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6 min readFeb 27, 2023

Try donations in BONE crypto

Introducing crypto into your donation methods mix is always a good idea no matter whether you are raising money for charity or getting financial support from your loyal audience on Twitch. Crypto has a long list of gains that you can achieve just by accepting it as a donation. The BONE token can become the cryptocurrency that will ultimately help you achieve these gains. BONE has everything you may need from a popular donation option. It has a large community, its borderless transactions are quick, and it can easily improve the level of financial privacy enjoyed by you and your donors. You can use NOWPayments’ tools to make accepting $BONE token completely effortless.

Key points:

  • BONE can empower charities to get donations more efficiently.
  • The $BONE crypto is supported by a massive number of Shiba Inu enthusiasts.
  • Get $BONE token donations with the aid of NOWPayments.

Why Is BONE Crypto Good for Donations?

Shiba Inu Community

The BONE token belongs to the Shiba Inu ecosystem, which has an expansive community with a real knack for supporting projects that in one way or another promote the Shiba Inu tokens and products.

This is why members of the Shiba community are more than happy to donate to such projects. Setting up donations in BONE is one easy way to be noticed by ShibaArmy and feel its power. Basically, BONE donations will help you to attract new donors who will be twice as enthusiastic about your cause or content because of your contribution to the wider adoption of their favorite project.

Unmatched reach

Cryptocurrencies are hard to beat when it comes to the ease of moving money across borders. With cryptocurrencies, you can send money to and from literally anywhere in the world with no restrictions or limitations.

This makes them perfect for accepting donations in a global context. BONE donations are a great way to enable people from all around the world to donate to you directly without any hassle. The $BONE token lets you make sure that your cause is accessible to anyone, anywhere, without any extra effort.

Inexpensive transfers

Money transfers can be very costly as banks love to charge their clients a pretty penny for it. This is a particularly major issue for charities that are always in dire need of funding. Losing several dollars to bank fees is palpable for them, especially given that these losses add up.

$BONE crypto donations provide a solution to this problem. Thanks to BONE, charities and people accepting donations can stop struggling with fees eating away at their money. From now on, sending a donation will not cost your donors any sizable sums.

Guaranteed privacy

Many people prefer to keep their charitable activities out of the public eye. Yet, this can be difficult, as banks and payment processing services require clients to reveal their personal information when sending donations.

BONE token transactions do not entail any sharing of the personal details of users. Subsequently, by utilizing BONE, your donors will be able to stay completely anonymous when transferring funds. BONE is a perfect tool for taking care of the financial privacy side of your charity.

Try donations in BONE crypto

BONE Donation Link

The donation link is a simple link that takes your donors to a page that lets them send a donation. The donation link easily fits in different contexts, be it your website or Instagram bio.

To deploy a BONE crypto donation link:

  1. Register a NOWPayments account.
  1. Enter your public BONE crypto address.
  1. Click on the “Payment tools” button on the right sidebar and then select “Donations.”
  1. Scroll down to the “Donation Link” segment and set up your link by completing its URL and choosing the fields which will be provided to the donor.
  1. Once you are done, click “Save,” copy the link, paste it into your browser’s address bar, and load it. On the donation page, type in “BONE,” specify the donation amount, and click “Donate.”

The Donation Link is good for: charities, influencers, bloggers, and musicians with a presence on social media platforms.

Try donations in BONE crypto

BONE Donation Button

The donation button uses the same concept as the donation link but also has a visual element to it. The way it works is very simple. You just press the button and it automatically transfers you to the page where you can make the donation happen.

To deploy a BONE donation button:

  1. Follow steps 1, 2, and 3 mentioned in the Donation Link guide above.
  2. Scroll down to the “Donation Button” segment.
  1. Pick your button color and press on “Copy to clipboard” to copy the donation button code.
  1. Paste the code to your website or social media page.

The Donation Link is good for: Twitch streamers, bloggers, and organizations with their own websites.

Try donations in BONE crypto

BONE Donation Widget

The donation widget is the most convenient tool offered by NOWPayments, as it lets you pick your currency and specify the donation sum without leaving the premises of the website. The donation widget has a smooth design, streamlining the whole donation process to just a couple of clicks.

To deploy a BONE donation widget:

  1. Follow steps 1, 2, and 3 mentioned in the Donation Link guide above.
  2. Scroll down to the “Donation Widget” segment.
  1. Press on “Copy to clipboard” to copy the donation button code.
  1. Paste the code to your website. Now your visitors will get to make donations in BONE using the widget.

The Donation Link is good for: charities, non-profits, and artists with their own websites.

Try donations in BONE crypto


Accepting BONE donations via NOWPayments can provide you with the ability to receive donations privately from people from across the entire world.

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Try donations in BONE crypto



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