How to Accept BONE Crypto via eCommerce plugins

5 min readJan 30, 2023

Accept crypto payments in Bone

Online stores switching to cryptocurrency payments is becoming an increasingly popular trend these days. The rapid expansion of the crypto ecosystem has made it now easier than ever for merchants to enjoy all the benefits of cryptocurrencies without making any sacrifices in terms of convenience. Apart from the mainstream cryptocurrencies, meme tokens constitute a particular object of interest for online stores due to their massive following on the internet. BONE is one such meme token. In fact, it belongs to a whole family of meme cryptocurrencies, presided over by the one and only SHIB. NOWPayments takes the pain out of BONE crypto payment deployment, letting eCommerce stores begin accepting BONE as a payment method quickly and effortlessly via special plugins.

Key points:

  • The $BONE token powers Shibarium, Shiba Inu’s Layer-2 solution.
  • The $BONE crypto can be accepted by merchants who use Shopify, Zen Cart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and others.
  • Use NOWPayments’ plugins to accept BONE payments in your online store.

What Is BONE Crypto?

BONE is the governance token of the Shiba Inu ecosystem that has a total supply of 250,000,000. It serves as a key component of the Doggy DAO, enabling the Shib Army to participate in the decision-making process by voting on proposals that directly impact the entire Shiba Inu project. The BONE token also gives holders the ability to get rewards from the Doggy DAO. Yet, above all, the BONE crypto is the backbone of Shiba Inu’s Layer 2 network, Shibarium. The BONE cryptocurrency powers the interconnected system, allowing for the free flow of data and information across the network. BONE is also a go-to payment method for dozens of merchants around the world, as it is an exceptionally popular cryptocurrency with over 65k holders (as of the end of January 2023).

Which eCommerce Platforms Can Accept BONE?

Here are the biggest eCommerce platforms that let you integrate BONE payments using NOWPayments.


PrestaShop has an intuitive user interface, enabling merchants to quickly establish their PrestaShop store with no geographical restrictions. Hundreds of thousands of merchants around the world currently utilize its robust framework.


  • A wide range of payment gateways, including NOWPayments;
  • Flexible shipping options;
  • Store translation feature.


WordPress is renowned for its open-source capabilities that allow users to come up with their own custom solutions for their websites. WooCommerce is the official eCommerce platform of WordPress, giving merchants the ability to operate their online store with access to the features of the underlying platform.


  • Simple-to-use CMS;
  • Large library of plugins;
  • SEO optimization.


Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform that hosts over one million international stores. It is simple to set up and manage stores with Shopify, and merchants are not required to have coding experience. Furthermore, there is an impressive catalog of themes available for users to choose from.


  • Responsive design;
  • Regular updates;
  • Low-cost.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart, despite being free to use, is a highly functional and feature-rich eCommerce solution for businesses of any size. It is an open-source project, allowing users to customize their stores to meet their specific needs.


  • Free;
  • Highly customizable;
  • Extra modules.

Accept crypto payments in Bone

How to Accept BONE on eCommerce Stores?

Deploying BONE payments is easy since online stores only need to choose and install the right plugin from NOWPayments compatible with their eCommerce platform. Yet, before this, merchants first need to set up their BONE wallet address and NOWPayments account.

To create your BONE wallet address:

  1. Install the MetaMask extension for your browser and go through the basic setup process.
  1. Select the Ethereum Mainnet network from the list of available blockchains.
  1. Click on “Assets” and press “import tokens.”
  1. Switch to the “Custom token” section and enter BONE’s token address: 0x9813037ee2218799597d83D4a5B6F3b6778218d9. The rest of the fields will automatically fill in.
  1. Press “Add custom token” and then “import tokens.”
  1. Congratulations on successfully adding the BONE token to your wallet.
  1. You can copy your wallet address on the main page of the wallet.

In order to create your NOWPayments account:

  1. Go to this page and enter the required info.
  1. Specify your BONE payout address (the one available on the main page of your MetaMask account).
  1. Select your plugin and follow the installation instructions.


The BONE token is an excellent means of payment for online merchants thanks to its popularity among crypto investors. NOWPayments lets eCommerce stores accept BONE as payment using special free-to-deploy plugins.

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Accept crypto payments in Bone



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