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Utility is the key driver for crypto projects. This means that the more use cases a project can offer, the more likely it is to find investors willing to get a stake in it. Ariva is a crypto project that is building a network of travel-related services which are backed by its native coin, ARV. The impressive utility of Ariva naturally attracts the attention of a myriad of enthusiasts who wish to benefit from this promising project. The Ariva coin has a community of over 200k investors. eCommerce stores can offer these people a chance to spend their ARV coins on tangible and digital products or services by using NOWPayments’ ARV payment plugins.

Key points:

What is ARV crypto?

The native utility token of Ariva, ARV, is utilized by all of the major ecosystem products of the project. It is designed for active usage in both international and domestic tourism, enabling holders to take part in B2C travel networks and interact with numerous tourist service providers. For instance, ARV can be used for paying for reservations and profit from bookings. Ariva has multiple products in its portfolio, including its own metaverse game. Ariva is looking to disrupt the global travel industry by bringing decentralized technology to it. ARV exists on both Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain.

Which eCommerce platforms accept ARV?


Shopify is an advanced eCommerce platform offered via subscription. With the use of the administration panel, Shopify merchants may control every part of their store. Retailers can quickly launch their online store and synchronize all of their business operations using a single command center.

Shopify merchants can accept Ariva token payments via NOWPayments.


Thousands of shops and marketplaces are hosted by PrestaShop. One of the few eCommerce platforms that allow consumers to use it for free is PrestaShop. PrestaShop is the preferred choice for smaller shops because of this. Due to PrestaShop’s open-source nature, developers are free to create their own unique extensions.

PrestaShop really offers retailers a wide range of additional capabilities.

Magento 2

Magento is a modern shopping cart option for internet stores. If you want an eCommerce platform that is extremely scalable, use Magento. Still, to utilize Magento, you need to be knowledgeable about coding and programming since Magento is powered by PHP.

In terms of users, it is ranked as the third-largest eCommerce platform.


Another notable eCommerce system that enables business owners to create their own web stores is OpenCart. It is free and has open-source code. Users are able to create new features to add to their stores. The admin interface makes it simple to operate the store and gives business owners access to order tracking.

How to accept ARV in eCommerce stores?

In order to start accepting ARV coin payments by using NOWPayments’ plugins, you will need to create your ARV address. Here is an example of how to create an Ariva address on the BNB Smart Chain:

NOWPayments registration

Now, let’s set up your NOWPayments account, follow these steps:


NOWPayments is an Ariva payment gateway that lets eCommerce stores accept the ARV token as payment.

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