Crypto Payment Processor Explained

Nov 16, 2020


Crypto Payment Processor

If you own an e-commerce website and you are looking to start accepting crypto as payment, you have come to the right place. We at always have some insightful articles and how-to guides lined up for you that will make your journey into crypto a whole lot easier.

As we discussed in one of our earlier posts, currently, we have a limited number of ways to spend Bitcoin and crypto across both online and offline worlds. The reason is pretty simple: There are a limited number of websites and brick and mortar shops that currently accept cryptocurrency. Given cryptocurrency as an industry is still in its infancy, it is kind of too much to expect from offline stores to accept Bitcoin or cryptos as a valid form of payment method at this point.

Besides, there may be regulatory hurdles that are probably preventing businesses from (wholeheartedly) accepting cryptocurrency.

Introduction to crypto payment processors

The easiest way to accept cryptocurrency is to use a crypto payment processor. So, what are they? What types are there? How do they work? How to choose the crypto payment processor?

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Why use

NOWPayments is the easiest way to accept online payments in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. This service is custody-free, has competitive fees and is available worldwide.

  • Over 50 cryptocurrencies are accepted on the platform with an in-built exchange feature;
  • API, widgets, plugins and a donation button are all easy to integrate;
  • It is a non-custodial service ensuring the security of your funds;
  • A very simple setup

Crypto happens — accept it NOW!



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