Companies that accept Bitcoin payments in India

September 28, 2021 by Walt

India’s economy is advancing at a rapid pace. It is projected that the country will become a major world superpower in the next century. Indian companies are among the most technologically advanced ones on the planet, and they readily embrace innovations. The nation is also home to millions of crypto investors, and this number is only going to increase in the next decades. Many businesses decide to capitalize on the large population of crypto investors and offer Bitcoin payments to their clients. Here is a list of places where Bitcoin is accepted in India.

Key Points:

  • More India’s companies are gradually embracing crypto payments.
  • Today, one can already buy pizza, cars, hosting solutions, and even pickles with Bitcoin in India.
  • NOWPayments is a service that facilitates the deployment of crypto payment gateways for businesses in India.

Athey Nallatha

Athey Nallatha is a startup from the Indian state of Kerala which hopes to expose its clients to the taste of pickles made in India. Athey Nallatha’s core concept rests on the idea of empowering local women to cook authentic pickles and sell them for cryptocurrency to clients from different parts of the world. The startup wishes to highlight the hard work of people whose efforts are often undervalued in society. The assortment of Athey Nallatha consists of various delicious pickle mixes ideal for both vegetarians and those who prefer meat in their diets. In order to taste all of the products of Athey Nallatha, one can order a pack of six pickles. In the future, Athey Nallatha will be looking into utilizing other benefits of blockchain. For instance, the company wants to introduce total supply chain management relying on a blockchain. The business accepts a long list of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.


Unocoin is the name every Indian crypto investor is familiar with. Unocoin serves as a leading platform where users can exchange, send, receive and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a host of other cryptocurrencies. Unocoin has been in operation since 2013 and now has truly deserved its status as one of the most trusted Bitcoin businesses in the country. A substantial share of India’s crypto investors prefers to trade their assets at Unocoin. The exchange even has its referral program that lets users earn additional crypto by inviting their friends. Recently, Unocoin began offering gift cards for Bitcoin to its clients. Essentially, now Indian holders can buy gift cards from more than 90 brands at Unocoin with Bitcoin and then redeem them whenever they feel like it. The sale of gift cards is another effort by Unocoin to promote crypto culture in the country. Gift cards have been used by the crypto community for many years now as a way to avoid paying with fiat.

The Rug Republic

The Rug Republic is a seller of Indian custom-made rugs which can bring comfort and coziness to any space. The company offers rugs made of different materials such as wool, leather, viscose, and even hemp and denim. Every customer browsing through the catalog of the Rug Republic can easily find a design which they will absolutely love. The rugs which the company sells also have different sizes, so you can pick several ones for your living room and bedroom. The company also is an ethical employer which recognizes its social responsibility and creates working conditions that value the dignity of every employee. The Rug Republic’s products are an excellent choice for people who want to add a small exquisite detail to their home interior. The merchant accepts cryptocurrencies through Binance and WazirX. The Rug Republic also allows clients to pay using PayPal which recently began offering a crypto wallet to its customers.

Ardor 2.1

Ardor 2.1 is a restaurant located in one of the main business centers of New Delhi, Connaught Place. The restaurant’s menu features meals from various world cuisines. Nevertheless, the key food served at the restaurant is the thali, a platter with different dishes extremely popular in India. Ardor 2.1 has designed a special version of this meal called Digital Thali which guests can buy with cryptocurrency. When you pick Ardor 2.1, you get a full futuristic experience. For instance, in order to choose your thali meals, you will be given a tablet with menu items. Those who decide to order the meal and pay with Bitcoin get a 20% discount. Nevertheless, if you are out of crypto but still wish to get a discount, you can pay with a credit card and still get 10% off. Ardor 2.1 became the first restaurant in New Delhi to feature crypto payments and let’s hope that it will inspire other locations to join it.


Heptagon is an Indian company that focuses on the provision of next-gen IT solutions for other businesses. Heptagon has a team of world-class professionals who are extremely competent in different spheres of modern technology. Heptagon can assist enterprises in their digital transformations in order to help them to become more competitive. Heptagon also can create custom applications observing the specific requirements of their clients. Moreover, Heptagon offers blockchain services for businesses looking for ways to implement this technological solution. Heptagon is by all means cannot be called a local company because the list of its clients has truly big names such as IBM. The business is flexible and it is always ready to adjust to the needs of its clients. That is why Heptagon supplies solutions to enterprises from different industries ranging from banking and education to government and manufacturing. Heptagon accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which makes it a real tech company.


Cloudlean is a provider of cloud infrastructure and hosting based in India. The company’s products enable its clients to create their platforms and host them online without the need to build their own in-house infrastructure. Although currently, the market is full of companies that provide cloud hosting solutions, Cloudlean possesses a set of competitive advantages over other enterprises which ultimately help it to excel. Cloudlean’s support team is not outsourced to other contractors, which means that every individual case of its clients is reviewed thoroughly. Additionally, Cloudlean delivers business consultation to each potential client guiding them through the process of choosing the appropriate solution. Cloudlean guarantees 99% of uptime for all of its solutions meaning that the company’s clients will not suffer any delays and lags which is essential for hosting. Cloudlean is one of the Indian companies accepting Bitcoins. Yet, if you prefer to pay in Ethereum, Cloudlean also grants you such an option.


If you live in India or want to visit the country on holiday, on certain occasions, you probably will need a car. Truebil is the ultimate place to go when in need of a vehicle in India. Basically, at Truebil you can either buy or sell cars. The price range is quite large so you can get both a cheap Datsun or a cool Suzuki. Truebil offers up to 1-year free service warranty and guarantees money back if the client decides that they are not satisfied with their purchase. The company became one of the first ones to accept cryptocurrencies in the country. In 2018, it partnered with a Bitcoin wallet to offer crypto payments to clients. Truebil’s case is also interesting due to the fact that before 2021, India’s companies could not legally accept crypto payments directly. Yet, Truebil’s ingenious way of approaching the situation allowed it to use the existing loophole to its advantage.

Private Driver India Tours

Private Driver India Tours is a company that helps people traveling in India to get a better insight into the country and its customs, as well as its iconic places. The company provides clients with a personal driver who can take them on a road trip of their lifetime. Unlike companies that specialize in delivering tours which are based on exploring beaten paths, Private Driver India Tours’ journeys are all tailored to each client. The company’s drivers can take clients to any part of India since they operate across all 29 states letting travelers enjoy the diverse landscape of the country. Private Driver India Tours has been in operation for more than 13 years, which shows the highest level of professionalism of its employees. The company’s official website features numerous photos of expeditions organized by Private Driver India Tours. Although the company does not accept Bitcoin, you can pay for its services with Dogecoin.


All cryptocurrency enthusiasts are aware of the fact that hardware wallets are one of the most secure ways to store digital currencies. Etherbit is a merchant that sells hardware crypto wallets in India. Wallets from Trezor, Ledger, SafePal, and a number of other trustworthy and reliable brands are all available at Etherbit. Hardware wallets are perfect for long-term investors who prefer to hold their coins instead of actively trading them on an exchange. There are also security keys of Yubico that will keep your crypto holdings safe and secure. Apart from wallets, clients can get themselves crypto merchandise such as T-shirts and mugs with the Bitcoin logo. Etherbit also sells crypto-themed stickers, which you can place on your laptop or even your hard wallet. Etherbit is one of the sites accepting Bitcoin in India. Yet, if Bitcoin is not your cup of tea, you can always pay with Ethereum at Etherbit.

Pizza Palace

Everyone loves pizza, and now people in India can get it with Bitcoin. Pizza Palace is a chain of restaurants located in Gujarat that sells tasty pizza at affordable prices. Pizza Palace has been accepting bitcoin since 2017, so it can be considered one of the first merchants in India to adopt cryptocurrency payments. The restaurant’s official Facebook account even has a post about the place’s first client who bought pizza with Bitcoin. So, at Pizza Palace you can not only enjoy a yummy pizza but also become a local celebrity by paying with Bitcoin. You can be certain that Pizza Palace makes its pizza using only fresh ingredients sourced locally. The restaurant offers an extensive selection of different varieties of the dish so its clients can always taste something new. Thus, if you ever find yourself in Gujarat and longing for a slice of a delicious pizza, you now know the place where you could go.

How to accept Bitcoin in India

If you want to set up your own payment gateway in India just like all of the aforementioned companies did, NOWPayments can help you with it.

NOWPayments offers several solutions for accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment or donations.

You can choose to deploy reusable crypto invoices, forms containing information about payments that your clients can use to make a transaction.

If you host an eCommerce store on platforms such as PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento 2, WHMCS, OpenCart, Zen Cart, Shopify, or Shopware, you can set up a special plugin for processing crypto payments.

If you run a charity or have a blog, then you can consider collecting crypto donations with the help of widgets, buttons, or links.


There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies are slowly edging towards mass adoption. India can become a major trailblazer of the crypto industry if its citizens and companies continue to embrace crypto at the current rate. Currently, it’s already not difficult to find a merchant who accepts bitcoin in India. NOWPayments is ready to assist any Indian business in advancing its adoption of Bitcoin.

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