Buy electronics with Bitcoin

Despite its increasing popularity among merchants, many people still doubt whether they can buy the stuff they are looking to purchase with the help of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Sure, there are still a few things you still cannot buy using Bitcoin — but, if there is something you can buy using Bitcoin and altcoins, it is electronics!

It is just that you should know the right places that sell electronics (both online and offline). We figured most people are simply not sure about which sites accept crypto at this point. Therefore, we have prepared a handy list of websites and other offline places where you can pay with cryptocurrency instead of fiat money to buy electronics.

We have organized our guide on buying electronics with Bitcoin into a few different sections for convenience.

Why buy electronics with Bitcoin

As is the case with every other transaction using Bitcoin, your first probable reason to buy electronics using Bitcoin is the anonymity itself. However, here is something you may want to consider. Most online stores that accept Bitcoin use some form of crypto payment processors to make the transaction possible. To finish your transaction, you will have to provide some necessary information. Of course, you have an option to stay anonymous here, but some Payment Gateways may require a certain level of verification.

The second reason you may want to buy goods using crypto would be security, especially if you are looking to purchase something expensive. As you know, Bitcoin — the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization — is powered by Blockchain technology. So, even when you transfer Bitcoin worth a massive amount of USD, you can be confident that the ledger has got your back. That happens when you pay Bitcoin at some electronics store or on a website. By the way, you may be able to save on tax and through promotions when you get something via Bitcoin.

We think these reasons are enough to keep a lookout for electronics stores that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Online electronics stores that accept Bitcoin

Here are some of the popular and trusted online electronics stores where you can pay using Bitcoin and probably an impressive variety of cryptocurrency tokens.

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