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2 min readJan 28, 2021


Nowadays, almost everyone agrees that Bitcoin has become an integral part of today’s economy and will stay for a while. However, we don’t see the same enthusiasm for talking about the number of businesses that accept Bitcoin. True, the number of companies that accept Bitcoin has not grown as quickly as the Bitcoin payment system for individual transactions. It’s because many merchants are mostly double-minded about taking a decentralized currency in exchange for their products and services.

The previous couple of years have seen some impressive changes in this department. Now, when we ask the question, who accepts Bitcoin, we can include many options on the list. We have to consider that it’s impossible to create a global list of businesses that take Bitcoin payments. For instance, the number of companies accepting Bitcoin in Australia has been growing exponentially since people are moving towards this secure and privacy-friendly way of payment. We cannot say the same about countries like India or China, where fiat money options prevail.

Considering this fact, we have created a list of businesses that accept Bitcoin. We would also recommend a few other ways to spend Bitcoin for your day-to-day needs, like paying bills or buying something from eBay or Amazon. First, we will see which popular business establishments are proud to accept Bitcoin as a trusted payment method.

Major Businesses that Accept Bitcoin as Payment

Here are the offline and online businesses where you can pay using Bitcoin.

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