ADA and its Low Energy Consumption: Sustainability of Cardano

Cardano Environment Sustainability

May 13, 2021 by

Cardano is a great payment method. Its stated aim is “to bring about positive global change”, and that is what Mass Adoption is all about!

Launched in 2015 by a Hong Kong company named IOHK, it’s an open-source, decentralized project that uses proof-of-stake transaction validation. Compared to Bitcoin’s 7 transactions a second, Cardano can achieve 1000 per second.

ADA as payment

But let’s focus on this topical factor: ADA is much more energy-efficient than Bitcoin. According to this reddit post, Cardano may be 37,500 times more energy-efficient than Bitcoin. Think about it! ADA is even the third when it comes to being least “energy-hungry”.

Cardano and Environment: Cardano Sustainability

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