September 21, 2021 by Walt

Whole Foods is a company which has conquered the hearts of Americans with its meticulous approach to offering only fresh and healthy food options. Today, Bitcoin investors also can enjoy Whole Foods’ products without the need to pay with dollars. Whole Foods accepts Bitcoin payments with the help of the SPEDN app.

Key Points:

  • Whole Foods is an international chain of organic-food supermarkets.
  • The SPEDN app, a part of the Flexa ecosystem, lets people pay with Bitcoins at Whole Foods.

What is Whole Foods?

September 20, 2021 by Walt

Tesla does not need an introduction. It is a company with a following of a scale which can only be compared to Apple. There is hardly one person who does not like Tesla, especially in the crypto community. Everyone was over the moon after Elon Musk had declared that Tesla was going to accept Bitcoin as payment for the brand’s iconic electric cars. Yet, only two months later, Musk once again went on Twitter to share an announcement about Tesla stopping Bitcoin payments. Such news triggered an unfortunate chain of events which led to a…

September 16, 2021 by Walt

Expedia and crypto payments are a hot topic. Does Expedia accept crypto? To put it shortly, yes. But Expedia and Bitcoin have a long relationship, so if you want to know why so many people are confused about this question read up to the end.

Key points:

  • Expedia is one of the leaders in the online booking industry with $5.2 billion revenue.
  • In 2014, Expedia became a pioneer in accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment but stopped supporting that option on June 10, 2018.
  • BTC payments on Expedia went live again after Expedia has teamed up…

September 15, 2021 by Walt

Steam is the most notable video game distributor on the planet, and it too has a history with Bitcoin. While as of September of 2021, the service does not accept cryptocurrencies directly, users still have plenty of options to get their Steam games with crypto. Read our article and learn how to buy games on Steam with Bitcoin.

Key Points:

  • Steam does not accept Bitcoin directly on its platform.
  • Gamers can still buy Steam games with Bitcoin by purchasing game keys from third-party sellers.
  • Gamers also can get Steam gift cards with Bitcoin from different online stores.

Can you pay with Bitcoin on Steam 2021?

September 14, 2021 by

Telegram is a popular messenger app which has been consistently gaining new users over the past several years. One of the notable features of Telegram is bots that users can create to automatically perform different functions. There are many Telegram bots which were created for crypto users. Such bots can help crypto investors to control their holdings, exchange their cryptocurrency, and even send transactions to their friends. Telegram bots are incredibly useful tools for those who value convenience and want to manage their cryptocurrency in one place. …

September 9, 2021 by Walt

Bitcoin is the absolute darling currency of the crypto community. Bitcoin sets trends, and its price development is always indicative of the entire crypto market’s state. The demand for Bitcoin is simultaneously driving the supply of services that accept it as payment. Today, one can pay with Bitcoin for practically any product on the planet. Moreover, one can use a Bitcoin debit card to shop at stores that do not even feature crypto payments. Read our article and learn about online stores that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment.

September 8, 2021 by Walt

Australia has a sizable cryptocurrency market. Many Australians trade crypto on exchanges and even buy cryptocurrency derivatives. Such popularity of crypto assets in the country means one thing, there are thousands of Australians who own crypto. Some of them like to spend it on various products and services, and their demand is often met by merchants and businesses. Of course, taxes are always a topical issue for firms accepting crypto. And if you want to ask, “Are Bitcoin payments taxable in Australia?” The answer is yes. This makes accepting crypto completely legal. …

September 7, 2021 by

On 7 September, El Salvador recognized Bitcoin as a legal tender in the country. Basically, now Bitcoin is an official currency in El Salvador, and it has the same status as the US dollar. Learn how El Salvador adopted crypto and what challenges, as well as benefits it entails for the country.


Bitcoin payments | Anonymous

September 6, 2021 by Walt

Bitcoin is, by all means, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. It is hard to come up with a better name for digital money. Bitcoin possesses a variety of features which make it different from the standard fiat currencies such as the dollar. One of the main aspects of Bitcoin is the fact that it is not material. Moreover, it also does not require its owners to disclose their personal details when conducting transactions with their funds. These factors could make Bitcoin the perfect money for people who wish to stay anonymous. Yet, unfortunately…

September 1, 2021 by

Learn how to request Bitcoin payment by reading this article.

A Bitcoin payment request is an invitation from the merchant to the client to conduct a cryptocurrency transaction. Basically, whenever your client wants to make a payment, you can send them a Bitcoin payment request. Every Bitcoin payment request must contain information essential for the customer to provide you with your consideration. Nevertheless, payment requests are not limited strictly to Bitcoin. One can send a request for making a payment in Ethereum, XRP, or any other cryptocurrency.

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